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Just live how you want to live and don't be an asshole about it.


ghost puns are the BOO diggety 


Who’s Alex?
Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.


whenever i try and learn something new

  • me: It seems that I am not immediately excellent at this
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: it is because I am a failure
  • me: everything I touch dies
  • fuckyeahwomensrugby:

whtbout2ndbrkfst submitted:

My friend, the talented Robin M traveled to India 2 years ago to photo-document the rise of women’s rugby. At one point she spent 2 weeks with 800 youth learning the sport. These are 4 of the pictures she captured.
Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling - 1994

Chrys Watches GoT [x]